Serving the People x Alisa Petrosova

What Will You Tell Next Year, invited 12 artists to consider the climate crisis. Their engagement with each other and the public consisted of three crit weekends themed Reclaiming Ecologies, Imagined Futures, and Networks+Relationships.  Each artist or group had around thirty minutes to present their work and have a conversation, share ideas, ask questions to the other members, to the audience and our invited guests Vibha Galhotra, Ryder Ripps, Jen Liu, Lexie Smith, Nora Akawi and Clarissa Tossin. These crits were aimed to foster conversation and expand these works that are being debuted here. 

The invited artists are: Deon Rubi, Calla Mcinnes, Jesus Morales, Caleb Sarvis, Juan Carlos Javier, Tyler Glenn, John Grund, Hannah Sklar, Parker Limon, Naitian Yang, Isabella Pedrosa, Felix Bardy, and Isaac Leahey Leow.

This exhibition and the weekend critiques were curated and organized by Alisa Petrosova. Learn more about the exhibition and Alisa’s collaboration with Serving the People here.


*Works by artists in order of appearance: Isaac Leahey-Leow, Tyler Genn, John Grund, Deon Rubi