An evergrowing compilation of poems created by notes left by Alisa to herself.

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Extracting Mama Lena 

Amid the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Mama Lena, embarks on a journey to escape Odesa and seek asylum in the United States. Odesa, once a vibrant city, is now transformed into a war zone, with barricades, threats from the sea, and constant bombings. Mama Lena's journey takes her through Moldova, Romania, France, and Mexico before finally reaching the US-Mexico border.

2022 | ︎︎︎See More

From the First Blur On

A personal reflection on displacement, memory, and the experience of living in the aftermath of a life-altering event, with a particular focus on Armenian heritage and the impact of war. It touches on themes of statelessness, the blurred lines between memory and history, and the consequences of forced migration.

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The Doe Climate Change Issue

Alisa was invited to be a guest editor of the Climate Change issue of the Doe, an online magazine that publishes unfiltered, verified stories from anonymous sources—to promote open-minded interactions and repair civil discourse.

2021 | ︎︎︎See More