Business as Usual

The rapid growth of technology, a large perpetrator of climate change, is deeply connected to the physical apparatus of the cloud. Hello World is concerned with the physical coordinates and infrastructure of the internet, and all of its constituent modularities. What powers the internet? Who powers the internet? Is the internet free?

The question that often remains unprovoked is the power source(s) of digital infrastructure and the byproducts of this infrastructure. Business as Usual takes an ecological approach to answering these questions, and showcases the work of Cooper Union artists, engineers, and architects who are exploring these issues.

How do human beings relate to evolving technology? Are we living in a dystopian present? Has our assimilation been so well-hidden that we haven’t seen it?

This Zine was conceptualized and curated by Alisa Petrosova and designed by Diego Herrera. Business as Usual can be purchased at Printed Matter.